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22 pound family cat attacks 7 month old baby: forces trapped family to call 911

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Believe it or not an Oregon couple is weighing the decision on whether or not to keep their beloved family cat that attacked their baby and then turned on them on Sunday.

Lux, a 22 pound house cat, is being caged after holding an Oregon family hostage and attacking their 7 month old baby. They were forced into their bedroom by the cat where they called 911.

Police are referring to Lux as a " ferocious feline."

Lux “went over the edge” according to his owners after he was punished for scratching the baby. He started charging his owners and growling. Even the family dog sought refuge in the bedroom with the family.

Lux's owners sat that "He's got kind of a history of violence." The caller stated that the cat would charge them when they tried to leave the bedroom.

Officers sat that Lux “attempted to flee custody” through the kitchen when they arrived on the scene.

Lux was unharmed in his capture by way of a dog snare and crate.

In a police statement officers stated that "The cat remained behind bars in the custody of the family, and officers cleared the scene and continued to fight crime elsewhere in the city."

Lux has been his normal self since the incident.