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'22 Jump Street' spoilers: Brad Pitt makes cameo appearance

According to new spoilers for the upcoming movie "22 Jump Street," Brad Pitt will make a cameo appearance.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

On March 17 K Drama Stars shares some fun spoilers about the upcoming movie "22 Jump Street." Spoilers come directly from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the creators of the movie and its predecessor.

Lord says that usually, people's expectations are low of their movies, so it's easy to make a good impression and exceed those expectations, but with a movie like "22 Jump Street" where people already liked the first one, it's a whole new ballpark for them and they hope that they can deliver.

The first spoiler delivered was that Ice Cube will be returning for the sequel, and in it, he does some really crazy stuff that will be a lot of fun. Sine the guys are in college now, there is a lot of room for things that couldn't happen when they infiltrated the high school, so expect a lot of laughs, dirty humor, and college shenanigans.

Aside from Ice Cube returning, Jonah Hill was successful in getting Brad Pitt to play a cameo part as a librarian at the university. He did some off-beat acting that is likely to be incredibly humorous. Scenes will involve Pitt, Channing, and Hill as they stumble upon each other in the library.

Lord says that Pitt was a great sport and they were glad that he took the part because everyone had fun and it should work well into the movie. For those that have seen Brad Pitt's movies, he doesn't usually do comedies, so this should be interesting.

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