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“22” beats out “Dragon” for sequel battle at box office

"22 Jump Street" beats out "How to Train Your Dragon 2" at this weekend's box office
"22 Jump Street" beats out "How to Train Your Dragon 2" at this weekend's box office

There were two big sequels to come out this week and both of them had a strong opening movie to help motivate the sequels. It was going to be a big battle at the box office to see who wins and the numbers show that it was relatively close, with 22 Jump Street just beating out How to Train Your Dragon 2.

22 Jump Street grabs the top spot with a strong opening of an estimated $60 million. The first movie surprised everyone with it’s $138 million box office. Of course when you do a sequel, you have to make it bigger and better. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. it looks like fans think that this one is a success.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 had a good box office despite losing the title with an estimated $50 million. The first movie was also a surprise hit as it only opened with $43 million but went on to bring in $217 million at the box office. This movie should do fairly well as there really isn’t any other competition for family movies at the box office.

Disney’s Maleficent drops once again this week bringing in an estimated $19 million. The movie had high hopes with it’s $180 million budget and it looks like it may match it, but it probably won’t get much more higher. This may cause Disney to change it’s tactics in the future. Perhaps less on the graphics of the movie and more on the story.

Disappointing movie Edge of Tomorrow took in an estimated $16 million, still proving that this is not the type for sci-fi movies to find success. The Fault in Our Stars continues to do well with an estimated $15 million over the weekend. The movie should pass over the $100 million mark in the next week or two.

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