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21st Annual MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally Weekend

MassCann Awards with Onyx!
MassCann Awards with Onyx!

The 21st Annual MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally weekend starts on Friday Night, Sept. 17th, with the MassCann/NORML Awards with Onyx. Up for grabs are MassCann/NORML Activist Awards.

On Saturday, it's the Boston Freedom Rally on two Boston Common stages. The Rally starts at High Noon and the weather report calls for highs in the 70's with plenty of sunshine.

Expect a cloud of smoke at 4:20pm and musical performances from Grammy nominated, Tracy Bonham, Onyx, Prospect Hill, Termanology, Amber Ladd, ill e. gal, Casey Desmond and more. Speeches from Keith Stoup of NORML, Green Candidate for Governor; Jill Stein, the folks from High Times Magazine and Miss NJ 2006; Georgine DiMaria.