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212 Degrees Fitness – the hottest new gym in Ramona, CA

It isn’t really “new,” but 212 Degrees Fitness has a new location, a new look, and a new size. Just three years ago, Chase Beatty was training clients out of a 14 x 14 garage in Ramona, CA, (pop 20, 292). He upgraded to 1000 sf a year later, and now he has moved into an even larger 2345 sf space at 136 10th Street in Ramona. However, the biggest difference is that 212 Degrees Fitness is no longer just a personal training studio – it is now a gym complete with membership privileges.

212 Degrees Fitness Logo
212 Degrees Fitness Logo
Jim Evans
Increasing the temperature another degree
Jim Evans

Beatty personally trains more than 400 clients a month – an average of 15 a day – and was running out of room. “I had to find a way to provide more support for my clients on the days when they were not training with me,” he says. “It was too difficult for them to maintain their progress without a place to follow through on their own on their off days. Now they will be able to work out in between training sessions in familiar surroundings.”

The new and larger facilities also provide Beatty the opportunity to further promote the name of his gym – 212 Degrees Fitness. “You see,” he explains, “at 211º water is hot. At 212º, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. Our name is meant to impress my clients that it's that ONE Extra Degree that can make all the difference between whether they succeed in reaching their goals or not.”

Chase, 28, owns both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Business Administration, so he knows how run a sound business. He is also certified as a Personal Trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) with additional certifications in Sports Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, and Fitness Nutrition. Equally important, he knows the importance of good customer service which, combined with a passion for helping people achieve their goals, has earned him an unparalleled reputation for excellence in an industry that sometimes suffers from false representations.

“I like to build a personal bond with my clients,” he says. “Most of my clients have been with me an average of two years, so we have developed a good working relationship. Our youngest client is 8, and our oldest is 74. We offer both one-on-one individualized training and small group training for all ages and every fitness level.”

More space means more equipment and conveniences. The “new” 212 Degrees Fitness is superbly outfitted with all the latest fitness apparatus from Extreme Training Equipment - one of the top direct manufacturers in the country - including cardio machines, selectorized resistance training equipment, cross-conditioning equipment, and tons of free weights. The new location also sports a full line of nutritional supplements representing most of the major well-known nutritional brands, and there is even a study space – complete with computer – for youngsters to do their homework in the main lobby.

Ramona resident and ISSA-certified personal trainer Nick Komodina serves as General Manager of the new gym. “Nick is an exceptional trainer and, together, we will help clients reach their health and fitness goals through customized workouts, training regimens, and personalized nutrition plans,” explains Chase. “We provide more than just workout sessions. We offer a fitness support system that tracks and monitors the progress of all of our clients to help them reach their goals.”

The new location opened for business on February 1 but will have an “official” grandopening celebration to be announced in March or early April. Prospective members are welcome to visit the gym M-F from 5 A.M. – 11 P.M. and 6 A.M. – 8 P.M. on weekends. For further information, call (760) 315-0408 or visit the company’s FACEBOOK page (click HERE).