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2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Team USA arrives to cheers in Sochi (photos)

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The Olympics Opening Ceremony at the 2014 Winter Games had the traditional marching of the athletes including the athletes from the United States. With Todd Lodwick carrying the American flag, the men and women who are competing for America strolled up the ramp and made a traditional lap around the arena for the world to see on Friday night.

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Obviously excited and full of enthusiasm, the athletes were waving their flags and smiling to the viewers as they greeted the millions watching around the world. With the largest delegation of athletes ever sent to a Winter Game competition, the number of athletes from USA couldn't have been missed.

While the parade of nations was shorter, compared to other Olympics Opening Ceremonies like Vancouver or London, it was just as entertaining. Athletes from around the world were able to wave to their supporters who were watching live at the stadium or back home. It was an epic moment reminding the world that the sporting event does being the world together.

The chance to see Team USA walk in the Olympics has fans in the United States beaming with pride. The opportunity to watch the best athletes from the country compete for the gold is a moment for the America to come together as well.
Take a look at the photo slideshow of Team USA walking in the Olympics Opening Ceremony