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2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Russian troika shares spotlight of Sochi history

 Russian troika at 2104 Olympics Opening Ceremony
Russian troika at 2104 Olympics Opening Ceremony
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Ever seen a Russian troika? Viewers of the 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony were looking right the unique design of one about half way through the official ceremony in Sochi. The three horses of the ceremony weren't alive, but the images of the three-horse drawn carriage were floating across Fisht Stadium on Friday night.

The unusual and unique aspect of the moment had everyone gasping as the visual image was quite spectacular at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. While the Russian Troika was pulling a flaming Olympic ring, it was one of the most elaborate settings for the viewers watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The Olympic ring that the Russian Troika was pulled over a classical Russian medieval city and the segment led the way into another look at Russian history. While some folks might wonder why the Russians are using symbolism like a Russian troika, it’s quite brilliant. With the language barriers and cultural differences, there is a chance to explain the life of the Russians using symbolism in a very unique way.

As people watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony, they immediately picked up on the troika symbolism and actually learned something new about the host country. Unless, of course, people already knew want a Russian troika was part of the country’s heritage.