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21 Day Meditation Challenge : Desire and Destiny

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Oprah and Deepak Chopra are hosting another 21 Day Meditation Challenege that starts on November 11th. This time we will be learning about desire and destiny. This will be the fourth meditation challenge over the past two years. These are free and make you feel amazing afterwards. You will definitely feel more centered and will learn a lot from Oprah and Deepak. You can register on the Chopra Center site. From the site:

"Follow your passion. Find your purpose. Discover true freedom.

Join us for Desire and Destiny, a transformational 3-week journey toward living with passion and abundance! Uncover your creative brilliance, connect with your deepest desires, and tap into to your pure potential. Then watch your soul's purpose and true destiny emerge, opening the door to living a life in which all things are within reach and dreams transform into reality."

Hope to see you there. :)

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