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$21,000 cash in bag falls off armored truck in Atlantic City: Finders keepers?

An armored truck driver put a bag containing $21,000 in cash on the roof of the truck and drove away from Revel Casino in Atlantic City. The bag fell off somewhere along the journey, but no one has turned it in. Did someone have a $21,000 windfall?

Bag of $21,000 in cash left on top of armored truck and it falls off somewhere in Atlantic City. Bag still missing!
YouTube screen shot

According to Newsday on Aug. 20, surveillance video from the New Jersey casino shows the bag of cash still on the roof of the armored truck as it drove out of the view of the camera. The bag is missing and authorities believe it fell off sometime after the truck left the casino, which is a casino about to close for good.

KY3 Local News reports it is not clear where it fell off, but the investigation is on-going today. The Revel Casino is having a tough financial time, that is why it is closing. That wasn’t a very big pickup for a casino, which is probably a good indication of how their finances are faltering.

The Revel Casino is closing its doors in the beginning of September. This missing bag of $21,000, while not a king’s ransom, is still a nice windfall for someone to stumble upon. So what happened to the bag of cash?

Did someone find the bag along the way and decided to keep it? This money went missing back on Aug. 6, but the incident was just released to the media. GadaWorld armored car service picked up the cash at the casino on Aug. 6 and the video shows the bag was on the rear driver’s side roof when it pulled away from the casino.

Joe Gavaghan, who is the spokesperson for GadaWorld said that the company is cooperating with the police in this investigation. What are some of the theories on this missing bag of money?

Did an armored car employee put the bag on the roof and then drive off beyond the scope of the camera and retrieve it for themselves? Chances are if an employee was going to take that kind of risk, it wouldn’t be for a measly $21,000 when these armored cars carry millions daily.

As an employee, if you are going to risk your job and possibly go to jail ruining your life, you’re probably going to stick a bag on the roof with substantially much more money inside than $21,000, if you are the one planning to nab it.

If the bag was found along the area, which is known for its casinos, maybe someone who was down on their luck found the bag. It could be after playing in a casino and losing all their money, finding this bag might have felt like an omen. They could easily rationalize not turning it in because the casinos take gambler’s money every day.

Another possibility is that the bag is still out there. It could have fallen off the roof into some tall grass or thick bushes and no one has found it yet. If the truck turned a corner going just 10-20 mph, that bag could have whipped off the top of the truck and landed a good distance away from the street. So will some lucky person come across it in the future?

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