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20th Century Fox and Hasbro to create 'Magic: The Gathering' movies

"Magic: The Gathering" card back
Wizards of the Coast

According to an article today Jan. 13, 2014 on, 20th Century Fox just made a deal with Hasbro to create a "Magic: The Gathering" movie. Fox sees the opportunity for multiple sequels in a "massive franchise on the scale of "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings."

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Simon Kinberg, who's worked on the "X-Men" and "Fantastic Four" franchises for Fox, will be producing the "Magic: The Gathering" movie.

Hasbro's Daniel Persitz "will oversee" quality of the upcoming "Magic: The Gathering" movie.

According to the article Hasbro's CEO Brian Goldner, Stephen Davis, and Wizards of the Coast's CEO Greg Leeds will all "oversee and exec produce." Additionally, "Aditya Sood and Josh Feldman, Kinberg's key execs at his Genre Films production shingle, will also act as executive producers on the movie."

According to a past statement by Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner:

“The Planeswalker story is such a great story and there’s so many elements in the mythology of 'Magic: The Gathering' that could be amazing for movie storytelling. They are much more contemporary people, and their powers are much more contemporary in nature, and more consistent with the people who play our games. I think that could provide interesting point of difference versus that kind of like historical Merlin or wizards type of storyline."

What planeswalker do you want to see the new "Magic: The Gathering" movie follow? An existing one or new one?

We can no doubt expect to see a full line of Jace, the Mindsculptor and other planeswalker action figures produced by Hasbro to tie in with the movie. What new "Magic: The Gathering" merchandise would you like to see?

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