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2024 Olympic Games: Modest proposals in the works from two German cities

Berlin has expressed interest in hosting the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
Berlin has expressed interest in hosting the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The Summer Olympics could be returning to Germany in the near future: Berlin and Hamburg have expressed interest in hosting the Summer Games in 2024 or possibly 2028, according to media reports and industry insider Sport Business.

It's now up to the German Olympic Committee to make a decision about which, if either, will make an official bid for the 2024 Olympics. A decision from the Olympic Committee is expected in December, and bidding will commence in earnest in 2015. The International Olympic Committee will award the 2024 Games to one city in 2017.

It's been more than 40 years since an Olympic Games has been held in Germany. Munich, host of the 1972 Summer Games, bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics but lost out to eventual bid winner Pyongchang.

Berlin, which memorably hosted the 1936 Olympic Games, is proposing to recycle its iconic Olympic Stadium for use in 2024 or 2028 as well.

The race to host the 2024 Summer Olympics is already heating up, with Paris, Rome and a potential U.S. candidate city (narrowed down to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston or Washington D.C.) all expressing interest in bidding. Paris, which hosted the 1924 Summer Olympic Games, was the first city to confirm it's interest in bidding for the Games, which will take place exactly 100 years after Paris 1924.