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2016 Presidential Nomination Polls

Several polling groups have released polling data for the 2016 presidential nomination for both the Democratic and Republican parties. Fox News, Marist, CNN, PPP, and Quinnipiac have all released polls during the last two months of 2013. When an average of the polls are taken then it does become clear that Hillary Clinton is well ahead in the Democratic party while the Republican party nomination is up for grabs.

For the Democratic party nomination Hillary Clinton had an average of 65.8%. The next closest competitor was Vice-President Biden at 10.8%. Warren was at 7.2%, Cuomo 3.2%, O'Malley 1.2%, and Schweitzer was at 1%.

For the Republican party nomination Gov. Christie was in the lead with an average of 18.8% and he did lead in all of the polls. Sen. Rand Paul was in second place at 12.6% followed closely by Sen. Cruz who was at 12%. Ryan was at 10.6%, Bush was at 9.6%, Rubio at 7.8%, Walker at 4.8%, Jindal at 3.0%.

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