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2016, not 2014, is the year of the Baby Boomer

CBS and others in the media are asking the question -- Is 2014 the year of the Baby Boomer? - because it’s the year the last of the generation - those born in 1964 - turn 50.

This is a big, wide-ranging generation whose members include those not only born in 1964 but those born in 1946. The latter will turn 68 in the new year.

AARP the Magazine in its newest issue features political writer and satirist P.J. O’Rourke writing about “How Boomers Saved Everything”.

This is not the first time O’Rourke has offered his take on his generation. He did a piece entitled “The Boomer Bust” for the Wall Street Journal on Dec. 1.

O’Rourke discussed Baby Boomers on a Saturday segment of CBS This Morning entitled “Is 2014 the year of the baby boomer?”

Since I was born in 1953, I tend to define the generation more in terms of the leading edge as opposed to the trailing edge.

The leading age experienced those iconic moments that have helped define the generation - the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Beatles on the “Ed Sullivan Show”, the walk on the moon and Kent State, just to name a few.

For me the Year of the Baby Boomer will be 2016. That’s when the leading edge boomers will start turning 70. That’s the year that the “senior” of “senior citizens” will really take hold for this generation.

It’s the leading edge that defined the generation, not the trailing edge. We should wait a couple of years before we start throwing ourselves a “year of” party.

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