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2016 Election

There seems to be no end to the elections. Even though 2016 is still a long way from now, there is time to think about this. Whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, we still need to have our voices to be heard. There is more than enough rancor present , but soon this will be past. In addition, there is great concern about where the country is headed. Hopefully, there will be more cooperation in the next election process and appointments to come. We could have some real surprises as well. The budget is never far from everyone's mind. This has a bearing on the hard choices that must be made as well. California has its particular issues that relates to California ,but there are also issues that California share with other states. Obama is the only one that cannot run again which opens the field to many possibilities. That is a relief for some and concern for others. Some seem to know who will succeed as president which leads to a cynical attitude about the whole process. The old concerns about the process will always be there. The point is to still be active in the process because it is the only one we have so far.

Hillary Clinton seems to be a maybe in the 2016 Election. Eventually, we will have a female president. Meanwhile Mario Cumo and O' Malley seem to be viable candidates. There is also the real prospect of a former vice president as a strong possibility. Let us not forget Governor Christie as well. The actual election could prove to be very lively ,since these types of candidates have run in past elections. Then, there is always the prospect of some darkhorse that no one has ever heard of or has never really been given their true credit. Events leading up to the actual election could have a bearing as well.

David Ogden

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