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2015 Mazda CX5: Whatever happened to the Zoom-Zoom?

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I have not heard the “zoom-zoom” motto, once associated with Mazda, for a long time. As a matter of fact, it was not something I thought about at all until I had a 2015 Mazda CX-5 for a week-long test-drive. Now I can honestly say that, although the little boy in the commercials with his quiet but emphatic “zoom-zoom” statement has disappeared, the “zoom-zoom” itself is alive and well!

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My test vehicle was a bright blue color that I wished I could enhance with red and white for the July 4th weekend that I was driving it. My husband and I sell fireworks from a small stand in a nearby town, and the Mazda was useful for carrying boxes with its 40/20/40 split fold-down rear seat. It was also economical when running errands or picking up food for picnic style meals at the stand. We had not expected to use it as an ambulance! Our son-in-law, who loves fireworks, was helping in the stand. On the final evening while packing up and securing the building he stepped out and fell, wrenching his foot. He knew right away that it was broken, so my husband helped him hobble to the Mazda CX-5 and they were off to the emergency room. After ex-rays, pain meds, ace bandage wraps, and crutches he was allowed to come home. A loyal fan of “another brand”, he was highly impressed with the Mazda CX-5. The seat adjustments and comfort won him over quickly, but he also appreciated the responsiveness and handling-----all from the passenger seat. He mentioned the car several times during the next couple of days, and I was amazed that he was so impressed with “another brand.” Big win for Mazda! And I have to agree with him. The CX-5 is comfortable, versatile, attractive, safe and a whole lot of fun to drive!

Mazda’s new key phrase is: “if it’s not worth driving, it’s not worth building.” The manufacturer has put a great deal into developing their Skyactiv technology, and the results are impressive. Without sacrificing style, performance or overall quality, they have improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and earned a five star safety rating for the overall vehicle score on the Mazda CX-5. To accomplish this they have redesigned the engine, transmission and platform, fine-tuned the relationship between them, and included i-ELOOP, a regenerative braking system.

My test vehicle had some added optional equipment, notably the Grand Touring Technology package, but the standard features pretty much offered everything to make the CX-5 a great car. Some of my favorites were the variable rain-sensing wipers, the rearview camera, the tilt and telescopic steering wheel, the blind spot monitoring system and the driver power lumber support. But here were lots more! I counted 60 items on the standard features list!

The 2015 Mazda CX-5 is categorized as a small SUV. The estimated fuel economy is 27 miles per gallon combined city and highway driving. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $27,970. My test vehicle with the added optional equipment came to $30,510. This year Mazda was a “five year cost to own” award winner, another reason to look at Mazda for your next new car purchase! But I miss the Zoom-Zoom.