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2015 Ford Mustang at 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show

Minneapolis finally got its chance to see the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang up close and personal.

2015 Ford Mustang at 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show was roped off. The driver door was occasionally propped open, but no seat time was allowed.
2015 Ford Mustang at 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show was roped off. The driver door was occasionally propped open, but no seat time was allowed.
Photo by author, Aaron Ahlstrom

Sort of.

At the Twin Cities Auto Show, the sixth-gen Mustang was roped off, so attendees were regulated to being mere onlookers. The driver’s door was propped open occasionally, teasing us with what the floor representatives called updated, higher quality materials. We were able to just barely sneak a peak of some leather seats and the new dash.

Fitted with black wheels and painted in what we think was Ingot Silver, it looked as shiny and sharp as a bullet. One thing is certain: style-wise, this is not your typical Mustang. As is the case with many a performance car these days, the styling has become decidedly more European-inspired (or technically “global”) with a sleeker fastback profile.

From all angles, the new ‘Stang looks wider and lower. Though we first thought the car to be much larger than the outgoing model, we were told it is only 1.5 inches lower and about that much wider. To us, the rear also looks much wider, and as such, seems to make more of a performance statement (an ongoing theme?), accenting the wheels, dual exhaust and lower panel.

Up front, the big-mouth grill is similar to the outgoing Shelby, an aggressive design that lends a performance attitude, probably even for base models.

Out back, the taillights, a defining Mustang characteristic for years, have followed suit and look terrific on the next-gen ‘Stang. The slanted, almost concave panel gives the lights a gill-like stacking, making them an even more prominent styling feature.

No pricing or information was made available about the display car, but it was a 5.0 V8 GT model (the emblems gave it away). While the V8 is no slouch, we’re still waiting to see the performance stats and numbers from the upcoming 4-cylinder turbo Ecotech 2.3 liter engine. A turbo-4 powerplant has not seen a Mustang’s engine bay since the SVO models of mid-‘80s. Hopefully the new turbo-4 will be reasonably priced, or it too could repeat what happened then, as the V8 5.0 was faster and cheaper, which made it a better buy.

The ’15 Mustang now offers an independent rear suspension for increased road handling, finally matching the Camaro’s underpinnings. Ford’s pony car has always been lighter, and as such, is slightly more nimble on the road. Curb weight for the new car hasn’t been announced, but if it indeed weighs in less than the Camaro (not a stretch) than it should continue to corner and handle at a high(er) level. Independent rear suspensions are usually heavy, though, so don’t expect the newest iteration to be a lightweight anymore.

Nearby the outgoing Mustangs were on display, too. A supercharged '14 Shelby GT500 looked great in white with the traditional blue Shelby stripes. Unfortunately the doors were locked, so those wanting to take a gander inside were forced to check out the other GT parked close. Painted Deep Impact Blue with a Charcoal Black interior featuring natural grain leather seats, the 5.0 GT looked remarkable, its colorful hue a contrast to most of the other plain colors in the display field. With a sticker price just over 39 grand, it wasn’t cheap, but we figured it was at least 20 thou less than the Shelby. If we had a pick, we’d take the GT.

Next time, hope we get to actually sit in the all-new 'Stang. Maybe even get a test drive in.

For more information on the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang, click here:||60626230109&ef_id=Uh0bjQAAARUnmkiN:20140316193258:s

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