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2015 Chevrolet Colorado to be on display at Minnesota State Fair

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will indeed be on display at the Minnesota State Fair, giving millions of fans a chance to see the all-new midsize up close and personal.

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado on display at Car Craft Summer Nationals wore new paint and larger wheels (265-60-18s). Will the real production models show up at Minnesota State Fair?
The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado on display at Car Craft Summer Nationals wore new paint and larger wheels (265-60-18s). Will the real production models show up at Minnesota State Fair?
Aaron Ahlstrom

According to the Chevrolet Dealer Playbook, which was leaked online, the Colorado is set to attend The Great Minnesota Get-Together, along with many other auto shows and events this fall. Under the Playbook category titled “The Next 90 Days,” which features June, July, and August schedules of upcoming event appearances, the marketing campaign confirms that the Colorado will make stops in August State Fairs located in Kentucky, Iowa, New York, North Texas and Minnesota.

Due to the late product launch – dealers and representatives were cautioning an October release date, contrary to the early reports of a fall release – there were some concerns by fans who thought the all-new offering would be a no-show at the Minnesota State Fair. Surprisingly, however, the ’15 Colorado appeared in the Chevrolet Performance tent display at the Car Craft Summer Nationals in July, which is also centered in the fairgrounds (see links below). Though it was a pre-production model, it nonetheless provided a bit of hope that GM would consider, if not insist, on an appearance on the biggest stage of the year.

Hopefully GM doesn't tease fair attendees again with a pre-production model, which are usually just stand-ins that are locked and not made fully available to the public. However, since the Playbook directly states, “Event appearances will generate consumer interest for Colorado,” we’re thinking the Minnesota location is, um, a fair bet to land the real-deal.

Having the new midsize offering at the fair makes perfect sense for GM. For one, the Minnesota State Fair is the largest fair in the U.S. by the numbers, drawing nearly 1.8 million guests, according to the official website. More importantly, it attracts thousands of potential new-car buyers looking for a convenient and central place to “test drive” new models. Car dealers of all brands have a long tradition of setting up displays in the fairgrounds to showcase their upcoming model year vehicles, which are usually released in August.

The Colorado Playbook is a comprehensive sales reference guide for dealers. It includes detailed information, broke down into categories such as: Talking Points; Target Customer; Design; Accessories; Performance; Technology; Ordering; and, Resources.

Pricing is not included in the Playbook, though current reports have the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado starting at $20,995 including destination charges. More detailed pricing should be made available closer to official release dates.

The GMC Canyon Playbook is also posted in multiple sources online, varying slightly compared to the Colorado guide. According to the GMC Playbook, the Canyon has no event schedule planned, though it seems unlikely the Canyon would be absent at the fairgrounds.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together runs from Thursday Aug 21st through Labor Day, Monday Sept 1st. For more information of the Minnesota State Fair, click here:

For more information on the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, visit the official website:

More information on Car Craft magazine can be found here: (

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