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20140812 patch Tuesday updates for 64 bit (x64) Windows Vista

[UPDATE] This article has been updated to reflect Microsoft's issue of the patch to replace the flawed KB2982791 update.

These are the Microsoft updates released on Tuesday for 64 bit (x64) Windows Vista. Download locations and batch files to update a Windows Vista 64 bit computer and to delete the no longer needed updates are below.

IE9-Windows6.0-KB2976627-x64.msu supersedes IE9-Windows6.0-KB2962872-x64.msu

Windows6.0-KB2937608-x64.msu supersedes Windows6.0-KB2898858-x64.msu, Windows6.0-KB2833947-x64.msu, Windows6.0-KB2844287-v2-x64.msu, Windows6.0-KB2863253-x64.msu, Windows6.0-KB2804580-x64.msu, Windows6.0-KB2789646-x64.msu, Windows6.0-KB2686833-x64.msu, and Windows6.0-KB2656374-v2-x64.msu.

Windows6.0-KB2943344-x64.msu supersedes Windows6.0-KB2756919-x64.msu.

Windows6.0-KB2918614-x64.msu supersedes Windows6.0-KB2442962-x64.msu.

Windows6.0-KB2976897-x64.msu supersedes Windows6.0-KB2876284-x64.msu.

Windows6.0-KB2981580-x64.msu supersedes Windows6.0-KB2904266-x64.msu.

Microsoft has withdrawn Windows6.0-KB2982791-x64.msu due to problems restarting computers that have had the patch applied. If you are having this issue, see Knowledge Base article KB2982791 under the Mitigations section to fix the problem.

Windows6.0-KB2993651-x64.msu replaces the flawed KB2982791 patch.








Both batch files assume that you've copied the patches to the C: drive into a folder named Patches. If you have them on a flash drive/CD/DVD etc., you must edit the line "set PATHTOFIXES=C:\Patches" (without the quotes) accordingly.

REM Copy and paste this text into a text file. Save it as

REM 20140812updateX64.cmd. Put it into C:\Patches.

REM Right click on it and click "Run as administrator" to run it.


set PATHTOFIXES=C:\Patches

"%PATHTOFIXES%\IE9-Windows6.0-KB2976627-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

"%PATHTOFIXES%\Windows6.0-KB2918614-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

"%PATHTOFIXES%\Windows6.0-KB2937608-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

"%PATHTOFIXES%\Windows6.0-KB2943344-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

"%PATHTOFIXES%\Windows6.0-KB2976897-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

"%PATHTOFIXES%\Windows6.0-KB2981580-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

"%PATHTOFIXES%\Windows6.0-KB2993651-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

shutdown /r

REM End of batch file text

This batch files will delete the old updates.

REM Copy and paste this text into a text file. Save it as

REM 20140812delX64.cmd. Put it into C:\Patches.

REM Right click on it and click "Run as administrator" to run it.


CD Patches

del /F IE9-Windows6.0-KB2962872-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2898858-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2833947-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2844287-v2-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2863253-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2804580-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2789646-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2686833-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2656374-v2-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2756919-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2442962-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2876284-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2930275-x64.msu

del /F Windows6.0-KB2904266-x64.msu

REM End of batch file text

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