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2014 year of the Yang Wood Horse

An example of the iwood horse influences for 2014.
An example of the iwood horse influences for 2014.
Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

As you may recall 2012 was the year of the Yang Water Dragon and 2013 was the year of the Yin Water Snake, on January 31, 2014 we entered the year of the Yang Wood Horse.

The Yin Water Snake is not going quietly. During the last two months of 2013 (Dec. and Jan.) most of the Midwest, East and Northeast portions of the United States had repeated snow and ice storms. At the same time Alaska and northern portions of Europe had unseasonably warm winters. For those that read the article (2013 is the the year of the Yin Water Snake), this should not have been a surprise.

We are now entering the Yang Wood Horse and the transition is already in place. We are coming out of two years of reflective, inward searching energy (water dragon and water snake) and entering a year dominated by an element (wood) known for growth, new beginnings; think of a small plant or tree just beginning to grow/sprout. The horse is known as a noble animal and is associated with being: strong, disciplined, regal, elegant, travel, adventure, also capable of great speed and endurance/perseverance.

When combined a Wood Horse year has the potential for fast growth. In a Yang year this effect can be compounded even further. Those versed in even a rudimentary understanding of Taoist philosophy, know that fast uncontrolled growth often does not have a good outcome, nor is it long lasting.

This is a year to begin an auspicious venture, in a controlled manner, the horse must know who the master is, like wise so must the project/goal/venture.

According to Master Zhongxian Wu:

“The next animal sign begins on LiChun, the beginning of spring. LiChun is one of the 24 15-day segments in the annual cycle. According to WanNianLi, the Chinese Ten-Thousand Year Calendar, spring season will begin on February 4, 2014. The coming of spring correlates with the start of a new animal sign – JiaWu, the Year of Yang Wood Horse begins soon.

The Heavenly Stem Jia represents Yang Wood and the Earthly Branch Wu represents Fire and carries the Horse as its spiritual animal. According to Chinese cosmology, I expect that the climatic pattern will be influenced by excess Earth energy, which means that it will more damp than it has been the last several years. I also expect that this spring will be cold. In places that have had unseasonably warm winters so far, like Sweden and Alaska, we can expect heavy snow or ice storms in late March and early April.

Also, during March and April, the flu season will affect many this year. These cosmological energies will cause some trouble for people who do not have strong digestive system function. As I always emphasis, keeping a daily Qigong practice is a great way to strengthen your digestive function and your immune health. (”

Also Ken Cohen states:

“Because the Horse is related to fire, this is a Wood Fire Year. The first element symbolizes heaven and spirituality. The second element, fire, symbolizes the physical world, especially the environment and economy. Elements may be either in harmony or conflict. This year the elements are in harmony. Wood produces fire. This means that this year spirituality has the potential to feed and transform our physical, earthly existence. In other words, there are good opportunities for people to make better, ecologically-informed choices, so that their lifestyle is more in harmony with their spirituality. Let's hope that industries and governments get the message! (Ken Cohen, 2014 Chinese New Year newsletter Jan. 24, 2014)”

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