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2014 year of the Bible in Hollywood

This weekend Son of God was released in movie theaters. It is the first of many films coming out this year based on Bible stories. Everyone in Hollywood is getting back to God.

For a while the film industry didn’t seem very interested in the Bible as a source for stories. Religion wasn’t considered profitable. Studios never really made money on this genre, there were high costs to the epic biblical productions of the 50’s and 60’s.

Today it is a different story. The Bible is public domain, so the source material is free. When making a movie based on a comic book, there are licensing fees, etc. People are already familiar with the subject matter and characters as well.

Paramount will be releasing their production of Noah this year, staring Russell Crow. The ark built for the set is in Oyster Bay, NY.

Both Warner Bros. and Fox have Moses movies in development. Sony will be releasing The Redemption of Cain, which is based on Cain and Able.

Mary, Mother of Christ, which is called a prequel to The Passion of the Christ is being distributed by Lionsgate this year as well.

Studios have been bringing in biblical scholars and using religious test groups to make sure they stay true to believers expectations, but these films are aimed towards mainstream audiences.

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