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2014 World Cup: The 15 strangest sights from the opening ceremony in Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony
2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony
Getty Images via BBC

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil officially got underway on the afternoon of Thursday, June 12, 2014, with a match between Croatia and host country, Brazil. The match was filled with great action and some questionable calls, but even more questionable would be the opening ceremony that included Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull as the top performers.

The opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup was interesting to say the least.
Getty Images - Vanderlei Aleida

Thursday's World Cup opening ceremony was big and elaborate and unique, but it was incredibly strange.

First of all, there was a giant disco ball globe situated in the center of the pitch that began spinning and changing colors and showing different scenes. All of that was happening while the weirdest creatures you'd ever see were parading around.

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There were men and women partaking in choreographed Taekwondo mock fights.

Creatures from the forest took over the center of the pitch as there were grass people, tree people, flower people, and bush people. Let's not forget about the random boy mock-paddling a canoe carried by people dressed in blue.

It's possible they were representing water, but he was wearing a visible seat belt so all was safe.

As the giant disco globe opened up and presented J-Lo and Pitbull, there was a technical error. The rising platform didn't fully rise up to meet the rest of the stage and J-Lo needed a helping hand from Pitbull.

While all of this was going on, just about every media outlet missed the World Cup opening kick which was miraculously made by an unknown paraplegic man using a machine-like exoskeleton that allowed the young Brazilian to stand and kick the ball.

Yes, this was missed by just about anyone and everyone, but at least they got good pics of the soccer-ball head people.

Priorities, World Cup. Priorities.

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