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2014 World Cup noisemaker is a caxirola? Fifa fans drop vuvuzela for a rattle

As teams get ready for the World Cup, fans buy a caxirola for the games
As teams get ready for the World Cup, fans buy a caxirola for the games
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Fans of the 2014 World Cup might be concerned about hearing the vuvuzela on television during the upcoming games, but there is nothing to worry about as the crowds have moved on from the noisemaker. Sounding loud and extraordinarily annoying, the vuvuzela had broadcasters and fans around the world muting their televisions as they watched the games. The horn sound never really stopped. According to Mother Jones on Tuesday, fans could hear a new noise watching the games from Brazil. The caxirola has been declared the official noisemaker of the games.

So what exactly is a caxirola? This instrument is a handheld plastic shaker that can be moved to create a noise that sounds a little like a snake and a rattle combined. The instrument has the Brazilian Ministry of Sport and FIFA declaring it the “Official Noisemaker” of the 2014 games. The instrument joins other noisemakers that offer up some fun for serious fans, but the caxirola is much quieter than other noisemakers.

The instrument was created by Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown. He wanted to highlight the country’s culture while offering up an alternative noisemaker to the vuvuzela. Brown developed a yellow and green hand sized plastic rattle that he called the caxirola. While there are many types being sold around the World Cup stadiums, the instrument is named after the caxixi, a traditional Brazilian woven instrument filled with seeds.

However, there probably is little to no chance that anyone will see or hear a caxirola at the games. Apparently the official noisemaker has been banned at the stadiums after fans threw the instruments on field after a game earlier in the year, so if there is noise to be made it will be at home in front of the television.

The caxirola is also being sold online to fans around the world. The new instrument has people wanting to grab one for their party at home and it appears it is a perfect noisemaker for the kids too.