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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Winter Olympics: U.S. hockey's T.J. Oshie says he's no hero, they wear camo

T. J. Oshie may be looked at as a hero by many, but he doesn't consider himself one.
T. J. Oshie may be looked at as a hero by many, but he doesn't consider himself one.
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On Feb. 15, 2014, T.J. Oshie had no idea just how much he would mean to the United States hockey team as they stepped onto the ice against the Russians at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. He ended up making the winning goal in the shootout and has been looked at as an Olympic hero, but he certainly doesn't think so.

Oshie took six shots in the shootout that led to a 3-2 victory for the Americans. He made four of those six shots, including the winning goal. A hero? Don't let call him that.

NESN reported that Dejan Kovacevic did an interview with Oshie, and he made the mistake of calling him a hero. When that word came up, Oshie simply said:

"The American heroes are wearing camo. That's not me."

Fans even took it upon themselves to change Oshie's wikipedia page to label him as an "American hero," but it is obvious that he doesn't see himself as such.

In a time when so many appear to love their own image, it is a player like T.J. Oshie that makes everyone realize the world outside of sports.

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