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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Winter Olympics: Jamaican tourism agency promoting 'The Bobsled Song'

They might not be favored to win a medal, but Jamaica's two-man bobsled team has certainly been a fun topic of conversation over the course of these Olympic Games. That's especially true this weekend as they made their Sochi debut on Sunday, complete with a theme song to get fans pumped up.

Jamaica's main tourism agency is currently promoting "The Bobsled Song," a catchy 90-second animated anthem that is actually designed to be played in sync with viewing the team's run. The video instructs viewers to press play right when Marvin Dixon and Winston Watts take off from the starting line and take note of the rhythmic similarities to that of the bobsled booming down the 1,500-meter track.

"You'll be amazed how the song syncs perfectly with the course itself," the message reads. Something to test out while you're checking out the bobsled competition later tonight.

Dixon and Watts made headlines with their tricky journey to Sochi, ultimately making it there through crowdfunding efforts (donations for which even coming in the form of the wacky Dogecoin). The duo, who according to CBS qualified for the Olympics by accruing enough points in lower-tier races, raised over $184,000 in less than a week thanks to an outpouring of support and media attention.

Sochi's two-man bobsled competition gets underway on NBC's primetime coverage tonight. After two heats (spoiler alert!), Dixon and Watts are in 30th place with a total time of 1:57.23, 4.41 seconds behind leader Russia. Dixon and Watts, 29 and 46, respectively, are the first Jamaicans to qualify for the Winter Olympics since 2002. The four-man team that inspired the 1993 movie Cool Runnings competed at the 1988 Calgary Games.

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