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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Winter Olympic biathlon predictions

Tora Berger
Tora Berger
Stanko Gruden, Getty Images

According to Eric Willemsen of the Canadian Press on Friday, the nordic skiing power of Norway hopes to dominate the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in the sport of biathlon.

The Norwegian team on the men's and women's side is deep, and it is not out of the question that the Norwegians could see a double digit total once the Olympic Winter Games is concluded.

On the men's side, their team will be led by world sprint and pursuit champion Emil Hegle Svendsen, world mass start champion Tarjei Boe, and six-time Olympic champion Ole Einar Bjorndalen, who will be competing in his sixth Olympic Winter Games.

The ladies team is equally as deep as reigning Olympic individual champion Tora Berger has the potential to win five Olympic gold medals.

There are some biathletes who could challenge the Norwegian supremacy however. Martin Fourcade of France has the best chance on the men's side. He is the reigning World Cup champion in the sprint, pursuit and individual competitions. While Kaisa Makarainen of Finland, Darya Domracheva of Belarus, and Gabriela Soukalova of the Czech Republic will be the major challengers to Berger.

Canada' best is Jean-Philippe Leguellec of Kingston, Ontario. Leguellec, who finished in sixth place in the men's sprint at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and won a World Cup sprint competition in Sweden in 2012, but will be challenged greatly against a world class field next month.

Finally the mixed relay will make its Olympic debut, with the Norwegians not surprisingly considered the heavy favourite.

Here are my predictions for men's biathlon.

Men's 10km Sprint (February 8)

Gold--Martin Fourcade--France
Silver--Emil Hegle Svendsen--Norway
Bronze--Evgeny Ustyugov--Russia

Men's 12.5km Pursuit (February 10)

Gold--Emil Hegle Svendsen--Norway
Silver--Martin Fourcade--France
Bronze--Dominik Landertinger--Austria

Men's 15km Mass Start (February 16)

Gold--Tarej Boe--Norway
Silver--Martin Fourcade--France
Bronze--Odrej Moravec--Czech Republic

Men's 20km Individual (February 13)

Gold--Martin Fourcade--France
Silver--Emil Hegle Svendsen--Norway
Bronze--Serhiy Semenov--Ukraine

Men's Relay (February 22)


Women's 7.5km Sprint (February 9)

Gold--Tora Berger--Norway
Silver--Kaisa Makarainen--Finland
Bronze--Darya Domracheva--Belarus

Women's 10km Pursuit (February 11)

Gold--Tora Berger--Norway
Silver--Kaisa Makarainen--Finland
Bronze--Andrea Henkel--Germany

Women's 12.5km Mass Start (February 17)

Gold--Tora Berger--Norway
Silver--Darya Domracheva--Belarus
Bronze--Krystyna Palka--Poland

Women's 15km Individual (February 14)

Gold--Gabriela Soukalova--Czech Republic
Silver--Anastasiya Kuzmina--Slovakia
Bronze--Darya Domracheva--Belarus

Women's Relay (February 21)


Mixed Relay (February 19)

Silver--Czech Republic