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2014: We'd like more and less of...

There are things we need to have more of in 2014. There are things we need less of. After the epic year that was 2013, Here's some of the things we could see a little more of, and the things we could do without.

2014 needs to learn some lessons from 2013
Photo by Frazer Harrison

We could use a little less:

This is probably my favorite word ever, but really it needs to stop. I can see it on TMZ, E News, or any other outlet that does not take itself seriously, but really CNN? There is no reason for you to have segments on provocative dancing.

Sequels, remakes, and reinventions of films
Oh. My. God Hollywood. The people are bored. With the piles of scripts that you're harboring in studio basements somewhere, I'm sure there's got to be a new idea somewhere

The words "Obama Care" are like chainsaws ripping through my ears. Can we go back to talking about twerking yet?

She might have an intoxicating voice, but she's the "girl of the moment." The "thunder from down under" will soon subside and like the Disney Channel stars she insults, someone will soon replace her. A fifteen year old whom we praise for singing about " Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room…” at the age of fifteen.

Justin Bieber’s antics
Even his fans are tired of his antics, since there has been a sharp decline in interest of anything the Biebs puts out. Never mind the recent legal trouble he and his entourage have been in. We’re tired of him

What we need more of:

Powerhouse female pop
2013 brought us so many awesome female artists who ruled the airwaves with their music. 2014 needs to continue the trend. Everyone from Beyonce dropping her surprise album to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez female pop ran the show and the trend should continue into this year.

A new dance craze
Maybe something Baby Boomers won’t bitch about, like ballroom dancing. If we get a couple of rappers with a teddy bear, certainly we can make anything popular!

Justin Timberlake
Because- why not? The ‘NSync reunion at the VMA’s just reaffirmed after years of wondering that JT is the mega talented one and he should own it. With the 20/20 Experience tour coming to an arena near you this year we will have more Justin!

Did I miss anything? What are your 2014 celebrity wishes?

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