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2014 U.S. Championships: Men's practice play-by-play (January 8)

Max Aaron (USA) at the 2013 HHonors Skate America
Max Aaron (USA) at the 2013 HHonors Skate America
Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

The men's practice at the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships starts at 12:20 p.m. Eastern. Stay tuned for live play-by-play from the practice!

That's all for the men's practice today! Ladies coming up laters. I'll be sporadically tweeting dance in a bit. Follow those tweets at @examinerskating.


Step out of quad toe from Farris, nice triple axel-double toe from Rippon, Farris hangs on to quad toe, fall on triple axel from Rippon, clean triple axel from Rippon

Adam Rippon - FREE - triple toe, single axel-double toe, triple loop, triple axel (foot down), triple flip-triple toe, triple Rippon lutz-double toe-double loop, triple Rippon lutz, triple salchow

Sean Rabbitt - FREE - triple lutz (fall), single loop, triple flip, triple salchow-triple toe, double flip, triple salchow, single axel (step out), double axel

A few good triple axels from Rippon, not seeing much from Farris

Daniel Raad - SHORT - triple axel, double lutz, triple loop (fall)

Lukas Kaugars - SHORT - singled through all jumps

Joshua Farris - SHORT - walked through all jumps



Clean quad toe-double toe from Abbott, then clean quad toe-triple toe with short program opening

Philip Warren - FREE - walked through quad, triple axel (fall), triple flip-double toe, triple axel (fall), triple lutz-double toe-double loop, triple loop, triple salchow (hangs on)

Fall on quad toe from Abbott, couple of doubles, then two two-footed underrotated quad toes

Grant Hochstein - FREE - walked through all jumps

Timothy Dolensky - SHORT - triple flip-double toe, double axel, triple Tano lutz (bad fall)

Hochstein hits two quad toes

Jeremy Abbott - SHORT - walked through quad, triple lutz-triple toe, triple axel



Robbie Przepioski - SHORT - double axel, triple lutz (turn out)-double toe, triple salchow (?)

Brandon Mroz - SHORT - double toe, triple axel (fall), triple lutz-double toe

Dornbush hangs on to quad salchow, doubles two other, hangs on to fourth

Ross Miner - SHORT - triple flip, triple axel (two-foot, step out), triple lutz-triple toe

Keegan Messing - FREE - quad toe (turn out), quad toe (hand)-double toe, triple lutz (fall), single flip, single waxel, triple salchow, triple loop (bad fall), triple lutz

Richard Dornbush - FREE - walked through toe and sal, triple axel, double loop, walked through rest of jumps



More quad attempts from Aaron, a few pops and a couple step-outs, only counting one clean one so far; nice triple axels from Brown

Douglas Razzano - FREE - triple axel, quad toe, triple lutz, triple axel (hand down, step out), triple toe-triple toe, triple salchow, triple loop, double axel-double toe-double loop

Clean quad toe from Razzano, more triple axels from Aaron (one singled)

Scott Dyer - double axel, triple toe-double toe, single lutz (downgrade)

Stephen Carriere - FREE - quad toe (fall), triple axel-double toe (hand down), single axel, triple salchow-double toe-double toe, triple lutz-triple toe (hangs on), triple loop, triple flip, single lutz

Aaron hits quad salchow-double toe, then falls on quad salchow

Jason Brown - SHORT - triple axel, triple flip-triple toe, triple Tano lutz

Max Aaron - SHORT - double salchow, triple lutz-triple toe, triple axel

Warmup notes: triple axel and a couple of popped salchows from Aaron

Group order
GROUP A: Aaron, Brown, Carriere, Dyer, Razzano
GROUP B: Dornbush, Messing, Miner, Mroz, Przepioski
GROUP C: Abbott, Dolensky, Hochstein, Warren
GROUP D: Farris, Kaugars, Raad, Rabbitt, Rippon

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