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2014 U.S. Championships: Ladies practice play-by-play (January 8)

Gracie Gold (USA) at the 2013 Rostelecom Cup
Gracie Gold (USA) at the 2013 Rostelecom Cup
Photo by Koki Nagahama/Getty Images


Wagner hitting pretty much everything in sight, as is Edmunds; lots of popped lutzes from Wang, then hits triple lutz-triple toe

Barbie Long - SHORT - triple lutz-double toe, triple loop, double axel

Triple lutz-triple toe and triple flip-half loop-triple salchow from Edmunds

Leah Keiser - SHORT - triple toe-triple toe, triple lutz (fall), double axel

No music runthrough of second half of free skate from Wagner: triple loop-double axel sequence, triple lutz, triple loop, triple flip-double toe (step out)

Rachael Flatt - FREE - triple lutz-double toe, triple flip (hangs on), triple lutz (hand down), walked through a few jumps

Clean triple toe-triple toe from Keiser, triple lutz from Flatt after a few doubles

Polina Edmunds - SHORT - walked through jumps

Angela Wang - SHORT - double axel, triple lutz-double toe, triple flip

Ashley Wagner - SHORT - triple flip-triple toe, triple loop, double axel - business as usual for the defending champ

Warmup notes: nice triple flip from Edmunds, triple loop from Wagner



Nice triple toe-triple toe from Gao, more triple flips and lutzes from Hicks, unknown Chiera has some nice pop on her jumps, fall on triple Rippon flip for Hicks then a beauty, triple toe-double axel sequence from Siraj, some flip attempts then clean triple flip from Gao, triple flip-triple toe from Gao

Christina Gao - SHORT - triple toe (turn out)-triple toe, double axel, triple loop (underrotated)

Triple lutzes from Hicks and Siraj

Franchesca Chiera - SHORT - triple lutz (step out, no combo), triple flip (fall), double axel

Triple toe-triple toe from Siraj (possibly underrotated on second toe), triple flip (turn out)-triple toe from Hicks earlier, fall on triple lutz from Hicks

Mariah Bell - SHORT - triple lutz (step out), triple flip-double toe, double axel

Clean triple toe-triple toe from Gao

Yasmin Siraj - SHORT - triple toe-triple toe (both possibly underrotated), triple loop, double axel

Courtney Hicks - SHORT - triple flip-double toe (turn out), double lutz, double axel

Warmup notes: big triple flip from Hicks, triple toes from Siraj and Hicks, triple loop from Siraj, triple lutz from Hicks



Nice practice for Zhang, Cain having trouble with a bunch of triple flip-triple toe attempts

Hannah Miller - SHORT - triple flip-double toe

Triple loop-triple loop from Zhang

Samantha Cesario - SHORT - triple loop-triple loop, triple flip, double axel

Ashley Cain - SHORT - triple flip (fall), triple loop, double axel

Caroline Zhang - SHORT - walked through jumps

Agnes Zawadzki - SHORT - triple toe-triple toe, double lutz, double axel



Triple loops from Nagasu, triple salchow-double toe-double toe and double axel-triple toe from Gold

Vanessa Lam - SHORT - triple lutz, triple flip-double toe, double axel

Gracie Gold - SHORT - new program, triple lutz (hand down)-double toe, double loop, double axel

Kiri Baga - SHORT - triple toe-double toe, triple salchow (fall), double axel

Nice triple lutz-triple toe from Gold

Mirai Nagasu - FREE - triple flip-single toe, double axel-double toe (two-foot), triple loop, triple flip (possibly underrotated), single loop, walked through a few more jumps

A couple of triple loops from Gold and Nagasu

Joelle Forte - FREE - walked through jumps


Stay tuned for the January 8th ladies' practice at the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships! Looking for earlier practices? Here they are: PAIRS | MEN

Group Order
GROUP B: Baga, Gold, Lam, Forte, Nagasu
GROUP C: Cain, Cesario, Miller, Zawadzki, Zhang
GROUP D: Bell, Chiera, Gao, Hicks, Siraj
GROUP A: Edmunds, Flatt, Keiser, Long, Wagner, Wang

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