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2014 Texas Libertarian Convention Season opens March 1

"The Democrats and Republicans," a Tarrant County LP Convention Facebook page explains, "have an expensive, complicated process (that you have to pay for) called 'primaries' in which they nominate their political candidates."

The Texas Libertarian Party Fall Leadership Conference was so successful they decided to reprise it as a Spring event (Yes, Yankeeland, Spring comes in March in Texas!)
Courtesy Libertarian Party of Texas

Not so with Libertarians.

The Libertarian Party of Texas has conventions.

Conventions, conventions, conventions.

They have Precinct Conventions and County Conventions and District Conventions and one big whopping State Convention.

In fact, the Libertarian Convention Season kicks off in March with a – are you ready? – Mock Convention!

The Mock Convention is part of the Spring Leadership Conference on the first day of March in Ft. Worth.

This conference is a follow-up to the Texas LP's Fall series of conferences designed to empower Libertarian activists. But this one promises "new material in a unique format" and it's also interactive, which means that all participants are urged to bring their laptops.

The Mock Convention, described in news releases only as "FUN!" is apparently a practice run for convention newbies.

The serious Libertarian Conventioneering begins on March 11 in North Texas and throughout Lone Star Land and culminates in Temple during a three-day stretch in April at the Libertarian Party of Texas 2014 State Convention.

And none of this, Libertarians proudly point out to the public, involves spending anyone's ill-gotten tax money.

All of these conventions, with the possible exception of the Mock Convention, tie together in a sort of sequential gulag of conventions filled with nominating and voting for candidates and delegates and local party officers and party platform changes that all culminates in the big one in April.

Too many things are going on in these convention conclaves to cover why and when and where each event is happening in the 12 Metroplex counties of North Texas, so everyone's best bet is to start with a stopover at the Texas LP's Spring Leadership Conference and Mock Convention followed by a visit to its official Convention Calendar.

Tis the season for Libertarian Party activism in the Lone Star State.

Do the conventional thing and click the links for full information!

March 1 LP Texas Spring Leadership Conference and Mock Convention

March 11 LP Precinct Conventions

March 15 LP County Conventions

March 22 LP District Convention

April 11-13 LP State convention

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