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2014 Super Bowl squares: Super Bowl printable brackets are always a fan favorite

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The Super Bowl countdown is on and we all know what that means - Super Bowl parties galore!

Besides the chips, dips, cold beers and mounds of food that most folks consume, it's time to start thinking about one of the most popular games that NFL fans play on Super Sunday - Super Bowl squares.

The printable Super Bowl squares are here!

Sportsoddsdaily reports on Jan 16 that a very popular way to add some excitement to the big game, especially for Super Bowl party goers is by playing the squares. If you never heard of Super Bowl squares or how the game works, where have you been!

If you are a newbie to the squares, don't worry - it’s very self-explanatory.

A 10x10 grid is made with the numbers 0 through 9 running across the top and down the side. The numbers are usually in a random order and inserted after the grid is full.

One team's name is written across the top (AFC Champion) and the other down the side (NFC Champion). If the game is being played for an office prize, each square on the grid will cost a certain price.

Many co-workers usually play for fun, or small prizes such as gift cards, an extra vacation day, a free lunch or anything else co-workers can agree on.

Between friends it may be for a few bucks, or even just bragging rights!

Here is the basis of the game.

When contestants buy the squares, they then choose which ones they want by writing their name in the squares. Before the game kicks off, each person will know which numbers they have for the game. If you match the numbers you are given, you win.

Here is an example.

Let’s say you get 7 for the AFC team and 0 for the NFC. If the score ends in 7 for the AFC and 0 for the NFC at the end of any of the quarters you win that quarter.

That’s the general rule of thumb, but some people like to make up their own rules to make things more interesting.

Let the games begin!