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2014 sunglass trends: Let the sunshine in

New sunglasses are par for the course when days are sunny and bright. Each year designers reinvent this favorite accessory with new frame shapes, colors, and patterns. With so many options, it's hard to pick just one pair, which is cool because like lays potato chips, "you can never have just one" (pair that is). A complete collection gives every outfit the perfect finishing touch no matter if you're bound for the beach, brunch, or a weekend away. If you're on the prowl for a new pair, check out these trendy shapes and find out what will look best on your face shape.

Mango Aviator Sunglass $19.06

Inspired by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, the classic aviator shape continues to be a classic and also a big trend in 2014. With all of the different styles and colors—the most recent, mirrored lens -- the curved frames of aviators will generally flatter most face shapes. Strong jaw lines or pointy chins call for more of an oval-shaped lens.

Cat Eye
The '50s and '60s gave us cat-eye sunglasses. Made popular alongside poodle skirts and beehive hairstyles, this timeless frame is back in a big way. Cat-eye sunnies sculpt and lift a heart-shaped, oval, round, or square face. People with oblong face should use caution when wearing Cat-eye sunglasses. Check out a few more modern pair of sunglasses you may want to add to your collection.

Modern Square
Popular fashion brands such as Prada and Karen Walker are creating rectangular, bold frames. If you have a round, oblong, oval or heart-shaped face structures the modern square trend just might be the best sunglass investment you can make. If you have a square-shaped face, stay away from sharp geometric shapes. They can create a very angular profile.

Retro Round
John Lennon made the retro round sunglasses iconic. Their circular frames are now being sported by fashion elite. From fresh colors, new designs, and retro frames, this trend has come full circle. Try rounds if you have an oval, oblong or square face shape. Perfectly circled frames complement the defined lines of an angular face.

Embellished frames emerged last year and continue to be a popular choice for 2014. This style looks good on oval or square faces. Heart-shaped faces should avoid embellished frames. What is even more special about this particular trend, is that you can DIY to add your own unique twist to them.

Flat Top
Bold, flat top frames are the perfect mix of angular and round sunglasses. This frame looks best on oval, round and oblong face shapes. Shy away from this style if you have a square face.

Futuristic Frames
Futuristic frames are a new trend that walked the spring 2014 runways at fashion week. From odd and oversized shapes to colorful hues and bold frames, these styles are as bold as the frames they're in. The frame shape determines which facial structures can support them. While oval faces can wear almost any frame, square-shaped faces should stay away from highly geometric shapes. Geometric frames are ideal for rounder faces.

Slide through the pictures to find your ideal frames and then bask in the beautiful sunshine!

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