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2014 South East Innovator: Antonio Diaz

Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz

Antonio J. Diaz was seen walking the streets of Little Havana on the Three Kings Parade Day talking to families in Little Havana. He was seeking their attention and looking to see their concerns for the area of Miami. He is the youngest candidate for the City of Miami Commission. He is still a student at Florida International University and studuing Public Administration. Anthony Diaz wants to become Commissioner in 2015 for District 4 of the City of Miami. However he was reaching out to families last weekend. He sat down with me for an interview in my Little Havana office overlooking the Ceiba of Little Havana. In the heart of Little Havana he spoke about Economic growth and the importance of bringing in businesses and job growth. He talked about his desires to create incentives for enterpreneurs to prosper. He wants seminars to be done by him and his team to teach others how to become enterpreneurs and share success.

At this young age he is an innovator brining new ideas to the old questions of job creation and business growth in Miami. At this young age he is already an enterpreneur himself . He runs a Public Relations firm and goes to Florida International University. We need more creative individuals like this in the South East. From Miami to Raleigh innovative fresh ideas are needed in the Public Sector. Antonio J. Diaz is the CEO of Lead Public Relations and is representing many candidates for Office and Companies in South Florida. You can read more about this innovative young kid at : . He will be reaching out to Miami residents through out 2014 till the election in 2015 . He wants to know their concerns and how the City of Miami can make it a better city for its residents.

Something unique about Antonio Diaz is that he stated he would not take the salary of Commissioner if he is elected. He stated he would put the money back in the city budget and use it to implement seminars for coaching enterpreneurs developing a business in Miami. He wants to make a mark and help business growth in Miami.

Raleigh and the Carolinas needs also fresh faces like Antonio Diaz to bring about innovative growth and development for the regions. So Antonio Diaz is a South East Innovator in 2014.

You can find him on Linked in at : .

You can find more on Antonio Diaz at : .

He does belong to Young Democrats of America and brings a young fresh idea to the table. He runs Lead Public Relations and can be reached at 786-473-4573 or at .

This is an innovative political force emerging in Miami. Individuals like him are the fresh voices needed in the South East.We need innovatots in Miami and Raleigh who bring fresh ideas in the South East.