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2014 Sochi Olympics toilet trouble: Fans find 2 toilets in each stall (photo)

Sochi Olympics 2014: Double toilets in some stalls

The 2014 Sochi Olympics will have some of the best athletes of the world competing for the gold. Perhaps that’s why the conditions for the athletes and the fans are shocking the world. According to the Today show on Tuesday, there is some concerns with the restrooms at the Cross-country Ski and Biathlon center where a double toilet stall is making some people wonder what is up.

The picture has had people around the world commenting on why they won’t be using the facilities at this building. The two toilet stall looks like the typical restroom stall with one roll of toilet paper, one trashcan, but the double toilet is a bit perplexing to many fans.

The chance to see the Olympics is a dream of a lifetime for some fans. Add some of the biggest athletes in the world are coming to compete and the idea of a small issue like a two toilet stall might not seem to be such a big deal. However, as people point out, it is costing thousands of dollars to go to Sochi and a few modern conveniences would be nice.

So far there has been no world on if this was just an oversight by builders or if the fans coming to the games need to be prepared as all the bathrooms actually all look like this. The shocking image might have some fans waiting to use the bathrooms until they get back to their hotels as most people appreciate a little more privacy!

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