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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Sochi Olympics: Lindsey Van ready for Olympic Women’s Ski Jumping

Lindsey Van
Lindsey Van
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Lindsey Van is known in the ski jumping world, but she has never competed in the Olympics for her sport. Technically, no female athlete has competed in the sport as it was dominated by men, but at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the ladies are going to be lining up to catch some air at the end of the jump. Sharing the thrill of the sport on television, the Today show on Thursday had Lindsay Van explain how important the upcoming games are to her.

“Looking forward to going and jumping in Sochi and representing my country and showing the world our sport,” said Lindsey Van about her jump. Being that she is one of the first women to represent for Team USA, there is a lot of pressure for a perfect performance. Plus Olympic committee is looking at the sport to see how it blends with the current lineup and there will be consideration on whether it will continue in future Winter Games.

Competition is fierce too. With 70 female jumpers, this sport is looking to showcase what women can do. Who is Lindsey Van’s biggest competitor? Sara Takanashi, a 17-year-old Japanese jumper, who is looking at grabbing the gold too. Not only does this offer an interesting showdown, it gives fans a reason to watch the competitive race for a medal on the mountain.

Will Lindsey Van win gold? The athlete has been training non-stop for the past 22 weeks to have a perfect performance. If her commitment was medal worthy, she would already have the gold!