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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Sochi Olympics: Crazy looking Norway uniforms offers unique Olympic fashion

The Olympic Norway curling team reveals funny fashion
The Olympic Norway curling team reveals funny fashion
Olympic Norway curling team/Twitter

The 2014 Sochi Olympics might be all about sports, but there is a little fashion being displayed on the ice as well. Known for outrageous uniforms, the Norway curling team once again is going to be the talk of the ice. According to the Today Show on Wednesday, the checkerboard-style pants are already attracting attention to the athletes who haven’t even arrived in Sochi yet.

The colors seen on the outfits are from the Norwegian flag and staring too closely might hurt the viewer’s eyes. The red, white and blue colors offer a really vibrant zigzag print on the jackets and pants. Fashionably worn with a white shirt, these guys are impossible to miss on the ice and they know their outfits are attracting big attention.

Norway’s Olympic men's curling team is currently ranked fourth in the world. However anyone who checks out the colorful threads worn by the guys will clearly agree they are in first place when it comes to the fashion.

This isn't the first time the Norway team has stepped on the ice looking a bit outrageous. The team has a well-documented history of offering up some interesting looks, but they always do their best for their country. Who says the Olympic athletes can’t have a little fashion fun?