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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Sochi Olympics: Best Team USA pic? Nick Cunningham poses in airplane engine

Nick Cunningham poses in an airplane engine
Nick Cunningham/Twitter

Nick Cunningham is heading to the Winter Olympics and he wants the world to know. Well, technically he wants Team USA fans to know and then if he picks up the gold he probably will tell the world too. According to the Fort Hood Sentinel on Friday he is one of only five soldiers competing at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The Olympic hopeful is on the Olympic bobsled team and he is one tough athlete. Don’t take our word for it though. Instead take a look at the picture he posted for fans showcasing his bobsled uniform. Yes, the athlete is standing inside of an airplane engine.

“And the question is... How did I end up in an airplanes engine....? Hmm...” tweeted Nick Cunningham from his official Twitter account on Saturday. Attaching the picture to the posting it is a visual to remember for sure. Luckily the engine is off, but the framing of the cylinder showcases the athlete quite well.

Nick Cunningham and his bobsled team will head to Sochi soon enough to compete. As Team USA members are discovered by the fans there will be plenty of interest on who these athletes are and where they live in America. Of course people are going to want to know more about Nick Cunningham too. And with Nick’s picture people will be wondering if the man just jumped up in the airplane engine or if he had a ladder. Being he is on Team USA, let’s not ask and assumed he jumped up because that would so awesome! And that definitely might put some fear into the other bobsled competitors at Sochi.

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