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2014 Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts seeks innovative performers

Lisa Lamarre and Rachel Harbert performing for Lamarre and Dancers at the 2013 festival.
Lisa Lamarre and Rachel Harbert performing for Lamarre and Dancers at the 2013 festival.
Cheryl Willard Photography

It’s back. Once again, the Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts is seeking innovative works of dance, theater, music, spoken word and installation. This could be your moment to actually perform that thing that you keep thinking about in the shower, to reimagine that audition bit that charmed your college roomies, or push your performance team to create an act you’d never get a chance to do elsewhere. In other words, it’s your moment to shine. Or it will be, this summer. First, you’ve got to submit a plan.

Pieces should be specifically created for outdoor, non-traditional performance space, celebrating the architecture, culture and artistry of Detroit. Sidewalk will conduct site visits and information sessions for interested artists on April 16 (6 p.m.) and April 26 (3 p.m.), 2014. The deadline for proposals is May 5, 2014, and the festival will take place on August 2, 2014. Proposals will be accepted at Participating artists will be provided with a modest honorarium.

Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts is an outdoor celebration of Detroit's alternative and independent performing arts scene. Works that are chosen for inclusion will:

  • Be site-specific, interacting with the landscape and existing structure in and around Artist Village.
  • Be participatory for a diverse community of all ages.
  • Take place indoors or outdoors.
  • Come from any performing arts discipline.
  • Be experimental and radical.

Last year, 35 artists participated, creating pieces for an audience of more than 800 people throughout the day-long festival. This year, the festival will expand to include panel discussions, community workshops, and talk backs.

More information including applications for individual and ensemble performers is available at the festival website.

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