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2014 Sartorial Advise "Happy New Year"

Gerard Vallecello Stylist Advice
Vintage Archives

I hope this year brings you success in anything you do and abundance of love and colorful days. While sending you good vibes I also would like to send a little sartorial advise your way for this new year!.

It's not surprising that style is incredibly personal: it's a direct expression of your personality or mood. There are some who have a certain signature style, which goes beyond wearing the same item repeatedly. For others, it's a certain confidence and awareness in how they put together an outfit. Read on to see some simple ways to develop your own sense of personal style.

Do you like feminine details with a streamlined silhouette, or voluminous shapes in cool shades? Do you even like color? If so which? Ask yourself what you find appealing in each image, garment or reference.

Say that you've established what you really like, you'll be more confident in how to deviate from it, perhaps too cast over collected inspirations and look for patterns rather than picking out obvious similarities (Skirts or pants? Prints of block colours? Monochromes or brights?) Compiled it in a group your images by style.. Start a Pinterest board, a Tumblr, or an old-fashioned mood board.

Fashion derives its inspiration from all cultural and social disciplines, so keep your eyes and ears open. Watch films, read about the style icons from yesteryear, flick through fashion archival imagery and keep an eye on the movers and shakers of the creative scenes like music, theatre and art.

Antiques have totally reserved a collision of love and war throughout decades of pure style and fashionable moments. It has and will be always the way for me to connect with other fashion experts and lovely people.

With this in mind I hope you subscribe to my articles, newsletters and social media outlets.

Xo GV.

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