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2014's Denver Comic Con features a panel series for filmmakers

Denver Comic Con 2014
Denver Comic Con 2014
Denver Comic Con

It has been a tradition at the Denver Comic Con to host a presentation of small, local films in their 'Reel Heroes Independent Film' series. The event has been regarded with much success. In a continuing effort, however, to maintain unique and creative programming each year, the DCC decided that 2014 will honour not only local independent films, but also the filmmakers behind them.

DCC appreciates the 'Reel Heroes' of cinema, and wishes to venture a new direction separate from the typical storytelling aspect of films. This year, therefore, will be dedicated to aspiring and seasoned filmmakers in the Denver area.

The 'Reel Heroes' panel opens exploration, promotion, and collaboration among fellow artists. Each participating filmmaker will host a panel focusing on Effects and Animation, as well as (but certainly not limited to) instructional demonstrations, audience interaction, personal stories, and educational tips.

Much as Lucas's vision for Star Wars resulted in the creation of Industrial Light & Magic, DCC recognises that technology impacts cinematic storytelling. Consequently, DCC invites filmmakers to submit reels and films that highlight the following technical aspects:

  • special effects
  • makeup effects
  • model or miniature effects
  • stop-motion effects
  • computer generated animation
  • flash animation
  • unique or creative effect shots
  • innovation
  • improvised technical accomplishments
  • basement studio production

Details on submission guidelines can be found online. Those selected to participate will be notified within 45 days prior to the DCC, which is scheduled for June 13-15 at the Colorado Convention Center (700 14th St).

The Denver Comic Con was established for the purpose of education and community, bringing smart ideas to the general public by means of comics and pop culture. Their mission is to cultivate community through diversity, regardless of age, race, gender, background, etc.

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