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2014 psychic horoscopes and zodiac pictograph

2014 Horoscopes
2014 Horoscopes
Elissa Heyman

The 2014 Zodiac Pictograph: The picture points out that these zodiac messages, like last year’s, focus on how to harmonize with the opportunities for each sign, and how to stay centered. Last year was a very mixed and intense year for many, although I surely wrote some sunny, sugar-coated horoscopes for people (here’s what I wrote for your sign in 2013). Well, these 2014 horoscopes are also pretty sunny, but in this plucky but extreme year, people are in kind of an “up” place about themselves, if they aren’t crazy, and finding life exciting, if it’s not terrifying.

2014 Horoscopes for the Astrological Signs: Read your Sun Moon and Rising signs

Aries: You have more energy this year, come back to your center, have more primordial urges, and generally feel it to be a freeing year. You're very, very happy about feeling like you're in a place creatively and in terms of location that you belong. You see the potential for a revival of see how you can be successful in new ways, and ways that are true to you now.

Taurus: You're strongly more ambitious, perhaps with a new idea of professional success. The first part of 2014 could be a little tough, where you're aware of obstacles to moving forward. Don't give up if the beginning of the year isn't a professional, financial success. You are coming up with the ideas that are really going to work, and it's a process, and by the end of the year you're in a much better position.

Gemini: You ask yourself, “Where am I comfortable, and what makes me feel at home?” ! Dissatisfaction may have you considering big changes, but who cares how they come about? The changes are good, appreciated by you on many levels, and settle you, metaphorically or literally, in a better place. In some way you may be dissolving an old life, and it could be that the grass truly is greener on the other side. Be willing to explore this questing year!

Cancer: Cancerians can be concerned about an ability to make money doing what it is they love or want. You may be developing new ways of working, as if some are no longer viable or yielding as they’ve been. This year you have some of your best ideas yet, and at least one is a real winner. Be bold! Also, believe you can find the time to treat yourself well. Speaking of which, you can come into some money. Or, new ways of making better money. Offers tend to improve your salary. Travel can be involved. No matter what your financial situation, a winning priority is to take better care of yourself than ever.

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