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2014 Predictions for SAP Cloud Computing

More Collaboration
More Collaboration

Cloud computing has been growing non-stop with start-ups and big players alike offering applications in the cloud. One of the major players has been SAP. What does 2014 hold for SAP cloud computing? Here are a few predictions.

2014 Predictions for SAP Cloud Computing
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  • An Increased Emphasis on Data Privacy - New data privacy regulations in the European Union coupled with the NSA security scandal in the United States have turned data privacy into a major hot button issue. SAP has reportedly increased its drive into cloud-based services in wake of the security scandal. Where others see a reason to be outraged, SAP sees a clear opportunity.
  • More Mobile - The mobile era has arrived, and the cloud is playing an important role in its evolution. But it doesn't end with smartphones and tablets. SAP cloud computing will extend to wearable tech and serve as a platform that facilitates mobile and social interactions.
  • More Collaboration - Closely related to mobile cloud computing is online collaboration. Today's workers are geographically diverse and on the move. Collaborative cloud computing will increasingly become embedded in business processes.
  • Beyond Real - Time and Into Predictive - Real-time computing is so 2013. It's no longer enough to present data as it occurs. Rather, the future of SAP cloud computing will become increasingly predictive. Systems will be able to predict consumer behaviors, possible risks, and likely opportunities based on historic and real-time data, allowing users to make even smarter decisions than ever.
  • More Hybrid Solutions - Cloud computing isn't the end-all. In fact, some systems should remain firmly grounded. As a result, we'll see a continued move toward hybrid solutions that blend the best of cloud computing with the best of on premises.
  • An Increased Emphasis on Customer Retention - As cloud computing becomes more widely adopted with more innovative solutions offered from competitors, SAP cloud computing will face stiffer competition. Thus, an increased emphasis on customer retention will be required.
  • More Cloud Brokerage Services and Consultants - A single SAP implementation can become a complex beast if not properly planned and deployed. As SAP cloud computing continues to evolve, more cloud brokerage services and consultants will emerge to help enterprises make the most of the cloud era.
  • Bigger and Bigger Data - Let's face it, data isn't getting any smaller. Enterprises have been trying to get a handle on big data for several years now. Analytics, dashboard software, and advanced reporting will continue to develop to provide enterprises with the insights that then need to understand their data.
  • Consolidation in the Unified Communications Industry - Unified communications has been quite competitive for some time now. Some industry experts have suggested that larger providers are likely to acquire smaller ones. Consolidation in this space could present opportunities for SAP cloud computing.

Cloud computing is poised to continue to grow, prompting many opportunities for companies such as SAP. Issues such as data privacy, mobility, communications, and the need for understanding big data are prime for cloud-based solutions. Will SAP lead the way? We predict it will.

James Hadley has extensive knowledge about information technology specifically for information lifecycle management. To know more about the author, connect with him on Google+. Sources collected for this article can be found at

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