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2014: Portuguese Lessons

If you want your kids learning a second or third language you might consider Portuguese. You can first go to the Wilkes Public Library and seek out books on Portuguese and learn about places like Brazil.You can actually get web lessons at : You can get an online tutor that can teach your homeschool kids all about Portuguese and Brazil. You can learn this up and coming language in America. There are also resources on the web like Brazilian Portuguese for Kids There are so much resources out there so you can help your kids learn Portuguese.

More and more companies like Visa are seeking Bilingual speakers. So learning a language like Portuguese is a good job skill for the future. Since Brazil has become a big market in South America and has more ties with America its an important language to learn for entrepreneurs.So Portuguese is becoming a useful language to know and it will help your homeschoolers to be aware of.

Look at this research : Other articles about the impact of Brazil in America can be found at :

You can see a clip on the importance to business that Portuguese can have at :

So its an important language that can be an asset for your kids. You can even start with Mickey for kids in Portuguese as a way for your younger kids to learn. Check it out at :

This can be a language that can be an asset for your kids and their future. So explore in 2014 the language of Portuguese and learn more about Brazil. You can explore more about this language with resources from the Wilkes Public Library.

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