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2014: peace, joy and better health for everyone.

Bonne année pour 2014 !

nature wonder
Andree Suddoo
  • Paix, joie, meilleure santé pour tous !

The manifestation of light.

Life can be so trouble-free when it is full of peace, joy and good health. Soon, it will be what is known as ‘Epiphany or Theophany’. This thousands year old festivity is to announce that ‘the days are getting longer or god’s manifestation'.

Wonder of the natural world.

The days getting gradually longer as the sun shines early on earth, the nights are getting progressively shorter bit by bit. This simple phenomenon is a welcome change for many. Today, it is referred around the world and by many religions as ‘god’s manifestation’. The recognize date is January 06, 2014.

‘Light feast’.

For pagans, the much anticipated festival is referred to aslight feast’. Light being the essence of everything.

  • Life cannot continue or renew itself without the sun.

Mother Earth, trees, plants, flowers, animals, fishes, humans, we all depend on the sun; a crucial element of nature for biological functions.

Happy New Year!

Let’s hope that everyone will understand the true meaning of life starting 2014. Loving each other, respecting and preserving nature as a whole.

  • The synergy of life among, around and in all of us must be more understood if we want to be part of this planet; for a while.

Long walks, appreciating life around us, from soft winds and crisp blue sky to green natural grass and tree should definitely be the new fashion.

  • Best wishes for all in 2014.
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