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2014 Pan African Film & Arts Festival: Favorite Artisans list

The 2014 Pan African Arts & Film Festival (PAFF) is officially over. Do not fear if you missed it. Here we've listed of some of the top artisans and their contact information including pictures of their unique works.

Favorite Artists and their creations-slide0
Courtesy Sylvia Cohen - Gbaby
Rich in culture, heritage, and most of all style!
Keston Duke/Professional Photograpy

It was an amazing experience to see Africans and African Americans alike, grinding with their hands, imaginations, and intelligence. The feeling is beautiful and spiritually uplifting to witness raw brilliance created out of hope, pride, and resilience..

From one booth to the next the overwhelming power of pure raw talent is literally breathtaking. An incredible show of talent and creativity, rich with heritage and culture, the Baldwin Hills Mall is endowed with the ethereal essence of a journey from mother Africa to the New World and it's undying spirit of strength that is timeless.

This year's festival solidifies the importance of supporting our entrepreneurs and community through patronage. Many of these quality pieces, out shine any apparel, jewelry, accessories and art found in any department store. Further, the items you select guarantee you will stand out in a crowd! This arts festival seems to get better every year and according to the L.A. Times, it is the largest African American Festival in the nation.

Afforded the opportunity to spend quality time browsing and buying at the 2014 arts portion of the Pan-African American Film & Arts Festival, I'm honored to share this year's list of favorite artists.

  • Chunky By Design - Sylvia Humphrey is a natural in more ways than one. Most of her one-of-a-kind masterpieces are composed of all things natural such as bones, stones, shells, leather, and metals. Yet what her imagination charges her hands to do with these are a magnificent wonder! She creates chunky, funky pieces that beautifully and boldly show African, urban, and tribal pride. Check her out before the festival ends. You may also visit her etsy store at
  • Simply Greta - Greta Wallace's presence alone is an artful masterpiece. Heritage pride, beauty, confidence, and strength radiate from her being into her fine clothing that is unique, daring, and sophisticated marinated in Caribbean flavor.
  • G3 Relative Art - Cynthia M. Fearing is a gourd artist who turns her home grown gourds from the traditionally seasonal centerpieces into visually breathtaking every day art. She does amazing artwork with the gourds and leather making purses, wall art, and multiple other creations with an ethereal twist! Each piece is uniquely hand painted, scorched, and or embellished with inspirational quotes and symbols. Contact Cynthia at
  • Jarmon Jewelry - Dorothy Jarmon has many talents and skills which she's bundled up and incorporated into her line of handmade jewelry unlike any other. Her signature is so distinct each piece communicates beautifully. She turns common concepts like denim and camouflage into stunning one of a kind heirlooms. Using a mixture of textiles, brilliant crystals, beads, and fabric with metals amazingly, her style is untouchable. Her line of jewelry are all custom handmade pieces therefore all limited editions.
  • Pride Hatz - Delores Pride specializes in hats, tunics, shrugs and hobo bags. A master in aureoles, brims, and wide headband hats, she uses rich fabrics, denim, and straw and lives up to her name in creating one of a kind pieces that hat lovers wear with pride. Her tunics are the cat's meow with her signature long flowing sides, women of every size can wear these tops and look great! Her skillful cut and use of light fabrics lend to the customized fit for all shapes and fits comfortably while looking great! Find her on Facebook at Pride Hatz.
  • G-Baby - Sylvia Cohen uses her God given gift and deep spirituality to create awe-inspiring art. Using anything as a pallet, every piece of art bears her colorfully brilliant signature and absolutely one of a kind.

Every artisan at this year's event manifested distinct touch and technique in their exposé of quality merchandise and products. Those listed here are just a few of the talented creators who stood out and have won new lifelong patrons.

Annually for the past 22 years over 100 artisans from around the globe make PAFF their home for two weeks allowing the community an opportunity to experience their unique skills, creativity, and craftsmanship. Many of the items available are one-of-kind, as many items are made by hand and out of materials not bought in bulk. Instead items selected piece by piece from imagination and inspiration. Hope to see you next year!

Established in 1992, The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of cultural and racial tolerance and understanding through the exhibition of film, art and creative expression.

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