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2014 Oscars and the Middle East

The Oscar nominees have been announced, and three come out of the Middle East, all of them with political themes:

In the Documentary Feature category, The Square looks at Cairo's Tahrir Square, “the gathering place for protesters and the site of many of the period’s most dramatic moments” from the misnamed “Arab Spring” to the present.

Among the Documentary Shorts is Karama Has No Walls: “When protesters in Yemen added their voices to those of other nations during the Arab Spring, the government responded with an attack that left 53 people dead and inspired widespread sympathy throughout the country.”

Finally, from the non-country of Palestine, competing for Foreign Language Film, comes Omar: “When a trio of young Palestinians decides to kill an Israeli soldier, one of them, a baker named Omar, is arrested and beaten by Israeli intelligence agents. Told that he will be given his freedom if he assists in capturing the man they believe to be the shooter, Omar rejoins his friends and begins to suspect that there is an informant among them.”

The Academy Awards ceremony will be on March 2, 2014.

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