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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Olympics party ideas and Inside Look TV Olympic Martini video

"Bring home the gold" with this inside look at easy "2014 Winter Olympics" party ideas including yummy Olympic themed party menues and a fun "Inside Look TV" YouTube video on what goes into the official "Party Girl Diet" Olympic Martini.

Here's an easy Olympic party decoration that's functional too - simply roll up some gold or yellow craft paper and decorate with star stickers to create a fun popcorn holder for your Olympic viewing party guests.
"Bring home the gold" with the Party Girl Diet's 2014 Winter Olympic party ideas and official Olympic Martini

Below are the Party Girl Diet's 3 easy steps to plan the perfect 2014 Winter Olympics viewing party:

Olympics Party Planning Step # 1: Select a theme and color scheme for your event - this makes everything much easier, and gives your party planning a nice "structure" to work within. For an Olympic viewing party, go with the official colors of the Olympic rings": Blue, yellow (or gold), black, green and red on a white field.

  • You can keep it simple and incorporate a few of the colors into your tablecloths, napkins, napkin rings and centerpiece, or hit up the party supply stores for some "2014 Winter Olympic" branded party decorations (Party City has a pretty nice selection).
  • Be creative with lighting. Tabletop Tiki torches found in party stores and the outdoor entertainment section of your home store can make fun buffet lighting, and with a little ingenuity you can roll up some gold or yellow craft paper to create "funnel" torches which can be filled with popcorn (See image in slideshow on this page).
  • Mixing and matching dinnerware in the Olympic colors will also set the stage for your party or event.
  • Make it sports themed. You can also center your decor around a particular 2014 Winter Olympics sport you and your guests will be viewing during your Olympic viewing party. Check out the 2014 Olympic Games schedule here.
  • It's also a fun idea to have a variety of mini country flags, Olympic party favor medals, and Olympic themed swag on hand to hand out to "good sports" throughout the night.

Step # 2: Next, decide on the menu - specifically, healthy, nutrition-centered Olympic "themed" party foods you want to serve. Again, having your healthy party foods work with your chosen theme will make everything flow very nicely. You can alway put out a spread of healthy Party Girl Diet party snacks, in addition to your "nutrition-friendly" Olympic themed party foods. One fun Olympic party food idea is to serve an appetizer or dish from your favorite competing countries, or a combination of a few different ones to create an "International" Olympic party food theme. For instance:

  • Now that's Italian: Slice up assorted pizzas made with ingredients in the colors of the Italian flag: red, green and white. A classic Margarita pizza made with fresh tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese would be divine.
  • America the beautiful: Here's a party menu idea practically everyone in San Francisco can warm up to - serve hot n' fresh San Francisco sourdough bread alongside a hearty bowl of San Francisco Cioppino. According to a CNN Travel Report, San Francisco sourdough bread is #48 on its list of America's 50 greatest dishes with San Francisco style Cioppino placing at #28.
  • "From Russia with love:" Treat your guests to a shot of your favorite high-end Russian vodka chilled, and exquisitely paired with caviar. This can be a fun and rather suitable "Russian" themed Olympic party drinks starter idea...or you can keep the Russian party going with your main event. Check out a few party food ideas from the article "Common Russian Food" on USA Today.

Olympic Party Planning Step # 3: Decide on the party drinks you will be serving. Party drink ideas include a signature cocktail you create, an assortment of "beers from around the world," and/or the official Party Girl Diet Olympic Martini, which is featured in the Inside Look TV™ "how-to" Youtube video on this page. Below are a list of ingredients to have on hand to make this Olympic inspired martini:

  • Stolichnaya Blueberry Vodka (Something blue)
  • 100% real Cranberry juice (Something red)
  • Maui Gold Pineapple rings (Something yellow/gold)
  • Mint leaves - for garnish (Something green)
  • Blackberries - for garnish (Something black)

In the "Inside Look TV" video on this page you’ll get the inside look at how to "bring home the “Maui Gold" with the official"Party Girl Diet" Olympic Martini recipe inspired by the official Olympic colors and delivering the strength of USA's greatest Olympians. The finishing touch on the official Party Girl Diet Olympic Martini is a genuine slice of Aloha...a "Maui Gold Pineapple" ring. All this Party Girl Diet fun takes place with our favorite Mixologist ZaZu at the Modern Honolulu's Sunrise Pool Bar.

Here's to hosting a "gold medal worthy" nutritious and delicious "2014 Winter Olympics" viewing party, and until next time..keep the (healthy) party going ~ Aprilanne

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