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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony snafu: Olympic rings malfunction (photos)

Olympic Rings malfunction at 2014 Sochi Olympics
Olympic Rings malfunction at 2014 Sochi Olympics
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony malfunction had the world looking at the Olympic ring and wishing on Friday that the symbol looked perfect. The Sochi Olympics were live from the Sochi Olympic Park and it only took about 25 minutes before there was a major issue. According to the Chicago Sun Times on Friday, it's another item to add to the long list of issues facing the Olympics. Viewers around the world got to see exactly what happens when digital products start to malfunction.

When the Olympic rings started opening up, it looked like a glorious explosion from the sky. Starting from the basic look of a snowflake, the digital look was supposed to hollow out into a ring. And that is exactly what happened for four of the rings. The fifth and last ring didn't do this leaving a little dot at the end of what was supposed to be ring.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony malfunction had some people on social media immediately pointing out another huge failure of the Sochi Olympics. Most viewers took the malfunction in stride and realized that sometimes things happen when it comes to big events. Of course it really does beg to ask if the digital signs were checked before the big day, but everyone assumes that this was the case as the rehearsals for the big event was on Friday night.