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2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony kicks off with Russian Cyrillic Alphabet

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The Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi had a surprising opening for the viewers of the world. Sharing culture, history and plenty of pride, the Russian 2014 Sochi Olympics shared a look at the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet on Friday morning. The video presentation was a very interesting education for those fans watching around the world as it was a quick tour of Russian history.

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The beginning of the Olympics Opening Ceremony had everyone seeing a little bit of history including people like Tolstoy and Sputnik. Offering a look at the Russian life and culture, the short video didn’t take very long and set the tone of the show.

The quick video definitely had people looking up the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet. Most viewers haven’t even been exposed to the alphabet, but showing it in this way had many people enjoying the way that the culture and history was introduced.
Keeping the tone of the ceremony, the story line was a nine-part exploration of Russian history and after it was over it was the beginning of the athletes' parade. While some fans might have not known where the athletes were from, there was no worry in rushing to finding a map. The floor of the Fisht Stadium showcased where the country was on the map.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the opening of the Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi.