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2014 Olympic Team: Americana-styled outfits might cause harm

2014 Winter Olympics Sochi opening ceremony outfits, designed by Ralph Lauren
2014 Winter Olympics Sochi opening ceremony outfits, designed by Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren embraced designing the 2014, U.S. Winter Olympic Team’s opening ceremony outfits with material made-in the USA. The outfits are steeped in traditional red, white, and blue for the total Americana design.

Various businesses across the U.S. have been used to complete the signature collection.

The team’s cardigans are sewn with items from Imperial Stock Ranch in Ore. where sheep hair was purchased by Ralph Lauren company, then shipped to Kraemer Yarns in Nazareth, Pa. to be spun into wool, and then sent to Longview Yarn Buyers in Hickory, N.C. to be dyed.

The final work for the sweaters were completed at the Ball of Cotton company in Commerce, Calif. as reported by New York Daily News.

If you’re looking to wear the same items for team spirit, but not traveling to Sochi, you might want to consider making a decision fast, because quantities are limited.

As of today Jan. 24, the following are unavailable (sold-out); women’s and men’s ceremony fleece pants, the embroidered ball-cap, and the women’s ceremony cardigan.

One item that is under $100 and still available is the ceremony reindeer hat.

In a recent news report, Olympic athletes are being asked not to wear any team apparel outside the Olympic venue, because Russian authorities are on the lookout for a wanted terrorist believed to be prowling in the Sochi area, according to CNN.

This newly released warning is one of many measures authorities are taking to ensure the safety of the USA Olympic athletes competing at the Sochi games.

"Our expectation is that we will see more in the coming weeks," the official, speaking on background, told reporters during a briefing on Olympic security measures.

But don’t let these warnings be an Olympic fashion downer. Americans and Winter Olympic athletes should sport the apparel proudly, for two good reasons; team spirit, and because the opening ceremony outfits were made in the U.S.

Go Team USA!

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