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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Olympic profile: Justin Snith

Tristan Walker and Justin Snith
Tristan Walker and Justin Snith
Richard Heathcote, Getty Images

According to the International Luge Federation website on Sunday, Justin Snith of Calgary helped Canada to win a silver medal at a World Cup luge event in Altenberg, Germany.

For Snith, he competes in men's doubles luge with Calgary's Tristan Walker, and the two are vital members of the Canadian national mixed relay luge team (who also includes Calgary's Alex Gough and Sam Edney), that are a definite medal contender at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

The Canadians are trying to make history next month by becoming the first Canadian lugers to win a medal at an Olympic Winter Games. In six World Cup mixed relay luge events this season, Gough, Edney, Snith and Walker have won a silver medal four times.

Here is my interview with Canadian Olympian Justin Snith:

How excited are you with the 2014 Olympic Winter Games only a month away?

It's the Olympics and they only come every four years. I think at this point everyone is excited and it's just ramping up.

What do you like most about the sport of luge?

I think a big draw for a lot of us is the speed, there is nothing else quite like it...I also find that everything goes pretty quiet at 100-130km/h.

Canada has never medaled in the sport of luge at an Olympic Winter Games. You have the chance to be on the podium. How meaningful is it for you to have the opportunity to make history?

It's a huge opportunity! To be one of the first in your entire country to win a medal in luge would be a massive honour, one that is a bit more than I would like to think about. Let me race first and if we're good enough, I'll tell you how it feels!

The Germans will be your toughest competitor. What impresses you the most with their entire luge program?

The overall strength of their team. All of their National Team athletes in all categories are medal contenders on any given day no matter the track.

The mixed team relay competition is going to be a unique experience.What is your opinion on the new event, and what should spectators watch out for if they are seeing the event for the first time?

I absolutely love the team relay! In my opinion it is the most exciting of all the luge events simply because anything can happen, whether it's a blown start just after the gate or a missed pad at the bottom, all of the competitors need to be extremely focused if they want to do well! Any spectators that are watching the event for the first time should expected the unexpected! But pay close attention to the reaction times and the pad at the bottom. Those are key points to a successful relay.

What are your goals at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi?

I want to come away with a medal-- plain and simple. We know we are strong contenders in the relay. We have a very good team dynamic and all three sleds are capable of sliding into the top five on any given day if we perform our best. And that's what it all comes down to, performing on the day!

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